Financial Restructuring and Economic Consultants: Our Restructuring Services Keep Businesses Strong

Fundamental Change

Qx7 is dedicated to improving and enhancing organizational performance, viability and capabilities. We collaborate with our clients to develop strategies that result in long term improvements to businesses and individuals with complex financial circumstances.

Corporate Restructuring

Qx7 collaborates with companies with significant operational and financial challenges, such as liquidity and balance sheet issues, to deliver rapid and dramatic performance improvements. We achieve this through our tailored solutions and expertise.

Solutions We Offer

Cash flow stability

Developing procedures and techniques for businesses and individuals that offer insights into the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for your business or complex individual circumstances. With a strategic approach and informed decisions, stability and a renewal in growth and profitability are within reach.

Capital Restructuring Promoting Financial Stability and Growth

Renegotiating and restructuring capital initiatives, improving results, and promoting financial stability. With industry expertise and careful strategy development, businesses can navigate capital restructuring complexities and drive success.

Strategic Repositioning and Economic Analysis

Each client, whether a business or an individual, has unique circumstances. We help to tailor solutions and strategies for improved margins and financial stability and to help our clients navigate in volatile economic conditions thereby helping them to function better in highly competitive environments.

Who We Are

Qx7 and Charles H. Murata (Charlie) are dedicated to addressing and helping to resolve the complexities that arise between debtors and creditors during economic downturns. Our strategy is to restore stability and solvency to businesses or individuals with more complex financial circumstances that are experiencing difficulties and cash flow problems due to a macro-economic shock such as a banking or debt crisis that affects the entire economic and financial system. We employ a strategy that uses narrowly tailored services and solutions for each individual client. Our strategies, techniques and services help to restore financial soundness and the peace of mind that comes with it, whether that

involves business or more complex personal finances.

If you are facing significant business or personal financial challenges we can help you. We aim to achieve this by using our expertise in financial restructuring to come up with solutions that are tailored to fit each client's unique financial circumstances.

Consultations with us are confidential and are free with a Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement. Please don't hesitate to reach out to Charles H. Murata at (530) 744-1850 for more information.

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